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Updated on 31 August 2020

This website was created by
EED Family Realty and Development Corporation

Lead Website Creator
Edgar Christian Dirige

Design Asset Creators
Edgar Christian Dirige (Content, Graphic Artwork, Icons)

Editha Dirige (Images)

Carizza Dale Dirige (Images)

Some design assets were obtained from,, and Appropriate attribution (free-use) was observed. Certain assets require licenses which were obtained. If you wish to view, please make a request.

Copyright © 2020 EED Family Realty and Development Corporation. All rights reserved.

All text, images, graphics, video, animation files as well as their grouping is protected by copyright and other protective laws. This legal protection also extends to databases and similar facilities. The contents are freely usable only for their intended purpose of being viewed on the Internet. Beyond the limits of copyright law, the content of this website may not be reproduced, disseminated, altered or made accessible to third parties in any form without the written permission of EED Family Realty and Development Corporation.

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