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What People Say

EED has made multiple repeat customers for its services.


La Trinidad, Benguet

Customer satisfaction led us to retain EED's construction services for our second H.O.Y. branch at SM City Baguio


Baguio City

EED has been reliable and trustworthy during the renovation of our home... They personally collaborated with us in all aspects of the project. We are very happy and satisfied with our beautiful and cozy home. We thank God that there is such a company. Thank you very much EED. God bless the work of your hands.


La Trinidad, Benguet

EED has proven to be a dependable and trustworthy partner. We are confident choosing them knowing that they are easy to talk to and get the job done well on time at a reasonable cost.


London, United Kingdom

Our Duplex house in Bakakeng was build by EED in March 1999.

Before the construction, we met with Mr Ed and Mrs Edith Dirige to discuss the plan of the construction design of the Duplex including the materials and cost of the building construction.

We live in the UK; hence, we were unable to stay during the construction period, but my father was there everyday to oversee the building progress in our absence.

On the 1st of September 1999, we went to Bakakeng to see the building progress of our Duplex, half of the Duplex was finished and the other half was in progress.

On March 2000, we went back to check on the progress and it was completed.

During the construction period, we never received any calls from my father regarding any untoward issues whatsoever regarding the Duplex construction.

Mr. and Mrs. Dirige communicated with us throughout the construction process through emails to keep as abreast of the construction progress. We had a "walkthrough" inside and outside the building and we were happy...

Based on these experience, we strongly and highly recommend without hesitation EED to anyone and everyone who wants to have their houses built for the excellent quality service and customer care they provided us, in addition to Mr. and Mrs. Dirige being accommodating, professional, reliable, and trustworthy. Their team leaders and labourers were very pleasant and knowledgeable in the jobs they were allocated to do.

Should we need to build another house, we definitely would be asking them with no hesitations as they are a lovely couple to do business with.


Baguio City

It is a leap of faith to put your trust in a construction firm, especially building a relationship with them, communicating your vision on budget or schedule with attention to quality. EED has exceeded our expectations and we consider them one of our trusted contractors that turned out to be our most trusted friend. I just want to say thank you for all the wonderful work you and your crew are doing. We are really blessed to found you... EED always accommodates all our needs whenever we need their help in terms of construction. We love our new home and it was built by the very best.

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