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Meeting Your Needs

The story of EED began on 1997. Edgar E. Dirige wanted to create houses that meets the needs of clients; hence, he and his wife, Editha C. Dirige, created EEDirige Construction - a firm specializing with that vision.

As years went by, EEDirige has gained reputation for being a construction firm that focuses on quality and providing long-term solutions to its customers. More than a hundred projects from construction, renovations, repairs, maintenance, restorations, and rehabilitation were made for various clients.

On 2014, they have decided to take the business to the next level by making it corporate. Thus, EED Family Realty and Development Corporation was born.

Now, EED focuses its vision on "building a better tomorrow" for its customers. Whatever project endeavour one has, we are there to help make it a reality.

Founded By

Edgar E. Dirige, CE
Editha C. Dirige, CE

EEDirige Construction

1997 to 2014


2014 to Present

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