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Amare La Cucina

Baguio's famous neopolitan pizza, Amare La Cucina, is an absolute must-go in the City of Pines. Being recommended by TripAdvisor and Masarap ba?, you are assured of its quality.

Amare La Cucina
Amare La Cucina

EED has supported Amare since its inception. Its main branch, extension, and gelato shop at Baguio City and another branch at San Juan were designed by our resident design team. You can see EED's evolution in terms of construction and design as this restaurant grew into what it is today.

Amare La Cucina - Gelato Shop

Amare's intricate and unique wood fire-brick oven was handmade by our brick masons and has become an EED signature.

Visit Amare La Cucina at any of its six branches.


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